How Territory Mapping Software Will Make Your Fleet More Efficient

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It doesn’t make any sense to send your drivers back and forth across your entire service area.

Instead, you should break your service area up into different territories and assign a driver or team of drivers to each territory. Territory mapping software allows you to do exactly that.

Your drivers will be much more efficient when their stops are closer together. They’ll show up on time more often – your customers will love that!

Keep An Eye On Your Drivers

So, you now know that your route planning solution should have a territory mapping feature.

It should have a GPS tracking feature as well.

Your drivers might be working hard, or they might be slacking off while they’re on the clock. You can’t see them, so how do you know?

GPS tracking is how. With GPS tracking, you can see where your drivers are and how fast they’re going in real-time. Whenever you want, you can check in on a driver and confirm that they’re sticking to their route and staying on schedule.

Vehicle tracking software also provides you with detailed data that you can use to understand your business better. You can evaluate your employees more accurately. You’ll know whether your fuel saving techniques are working or not. Overall, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions.

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