How to Reduce Roadside Vehicle Breakdowns

How Scheduling Preventive Maintenance Helps Reduce Roadside Vehicle Breakdowns
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One of the biggest challenges faced by any field service business is managing when vehicles are on downtime or out of service. As per a recent survey, the downtime costs can vary between $448 and $760 per vehicle each day.

Unfortunately, most of the downtime that field service businesses experience is related to an inefficient preventive maintenance schedule which can have implications throughout the operation. From revenue to administration and dispatch to deliveries, every facet of a field service operation will feel the pinch when a vehicle’s maintenance schedule is not on point.

So, vehicle downtime and preventive maintenance go hand in hand. Which means that, if you own or manage a field service business, one of the best things you can do to increase vehicle availability is to follow a preventative maintenance program because regular vehicle maintenance and vehicle inspections can prevent breakdowns.

Unfortunately, some managers and owners wrongly believe that preventive vehicle maintenance costs more than reactive maintenance. In fact, the latter is more costly since an effective preventive maintenance schedule will reduce expensive repairs by catching problems while they are still repairable rather than only when they are completely damaged.

Ultimately, an automotive preventive maintenance schedule allows you to take back control with regular vehicle inspections and maintenance that reduce the risk of nasty surprises.

Though you will not be able to eliminate reactive maintenance entirely, there are considerable benefits to taking a proactive approach. For example, with a preventive maintenance program, you will be able to do the following.

Use Well-Maintained Equipment

Your vehicles take a lot of beating over time by facing weather challenges, driving into potholes, and barreling down the road at high speeds. Imagine a piece of equipment gives out during an urgent dispatch or delivery? Your driver will be stranded, requiring vehicle breakdown roadside assistance.

And, most vehicle repairs are usually due to the neglect of business owners as major repairs can be prevented with regular maintenance, such as oil changes and engine fluid replacement. So, on the one hand, doing such minor changes on time can extend the life of your vehicle’s parts, while, on the other hand, failing to change the oils and fluids in your vehicle can put stress on the engine and cause it to malfunction.

Some of the inconveniences your vehicles could encounter without preventative maintenance include power windows locking up, the heat and AC cutting off, and the battery dying when the vehicle is parked for too long.


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Reduce Downtimes

As stated above, vehicle downtime costs money. When a vehicle breaks down, you will lose a lot of money because of the repair costs, the expense of arranging a back-up vehicle, and the losses experienced due to a missed delivery. By scheduling preventive maintenance tasks for your vehicles, you will prevent unnecessary downtime because the regular maintenance will prevent the minor wear and tear of the vehicles from getting worse.

Increase the Vehicle’s Life

Preventative maintenance will help to extend the life of your vehicles since the more you maintain your vehicles, the longer their key parts will last. For instance, if one of your vehicles is going to sit idle for a few days, charging its batteries will keep them in good shape. Also, poor tire alignment and flat tires often occur in tires which need to be replaced, while taking the time to perform tire rotation and other minor maintenance tasks can save you money in the long run. In addition, when you skip an oil change at 3,000 miles or forget to replace the windshield wiper, parts of your vehicle will wear out quickly and demand a replacement.

Even serious vehicle troubles, such as transmission or engine failure, can be prevented with regular maintenance. Refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended maintenance or consult a maintenance manager or a maintenance technician and follow his or her suggestions carefully.

Ensure Saver Driving Conditions for Your Drivers

There is nothing more peaceful than knowing your drivers are safe on the roads. And when your vehicles receive regular maintenance, your drivers will be able to drive with confidence and security. This is because preventative maintenance ensures that the components of your vehicle are in good condition and function perfectly. So, preventative maintenance ensures the overall health of your vehicles, which means reduced or no breakdowns.

An advanced route planning software can help you with this. Such software offer a GPS tracking enabled reporting and analytics feature that provides you with crucial data, such as the total distance traveled, the total stops made, and the fuel used, which will help you identify which vehicle is due for maintenance. For example, if a vehicle needs maintenance every 1,000 miles, you can easily predict how soon it may need maintenance again.

This ability ensures that your vehicles are always in the best condition as you do maintenance at the exact right time and not when the vehicle is already damaged. In this way, you save a significant amount on maintenance expenses.

The best part is that Route4Me comes with a GPS tracking feature so you never need to worry about which types of GPS tracking devices or types of GPS you need to go for to capture the data.


A vehicle that is not regularly maintained is unpredictable. Preventative car maintenance is essential for the longevity and efficiency of your vehicle and ensures fleet safety. Not only does it work to fix any existing problems your vehicle might be having, but it also helps prevent more severe damage. In this way, ensuring your vehicle’s maintenance is the first step in protecting both your business from unnecessary expenses as well as your drivers.

So, how do you maintain your vehicles? Do you have any questions about preventive maintenance schedule? Please feel free to leave your comments below.


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