ZeeMaps vs Dispatch It : The Ultimate Showdown

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ZeeMaps and Dispatch It are used by many delivery companies in the US to manage their field operations seamlessly and make them more efficient.

Although the two companies promote their products as serving two completely different purposes, some aspects of the two overlap.

So, in this article, we quickly compare the two – ZeeMaps and Dispatch It – to help you find out about each tool, in brief, to decide which one would be best for your business.

One thing is for sure: Both tools are great for eCommerce or delivery businesses and it would be great if you could try both to see how each one works for your business.

Without further ado, let’s venture into comparing the two tools – ZeeMaps vs Dispatch It.

Overview of ZeeMaps and Dispatch It


ZeeMaps is an interactive map creation tool that allows you to mark territory, pinpoint locations, and create routes for your eCommerce or delivery business.

The tool has many features that make the process of creating a map simple. It’s also an easy-to-use software and is hugely popular among its users.

Dispatch  It

The company primarily promotes itself as an on-demand courier service that offers same-day deliveries.

The tool is pretty simple to use. Just book a dispatch to deliver an item to your customer and the order will be delivered on the same day by a driver who picks up your delivery request.

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So, it is extremely useful for small eCommerce and delivery businesses which don‘t have their own delivery fleets.

Dispatch It also has a tool called Dispatch Connect for medium- and large-scale eCommerce and delivery businesses that have their own delivery fleets.

This delivery management software offers many useful features for managing your fleet and deliveries. Now that you know what each tool does, let’s look at the features offered by each tool.

Feature Comparison


This tool uses Google Maps as the base service provider. Hence, you can rest assured that the map you’re creating for your business use is accurate.

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You can upload your data from a spreadsheet or a comma-separated variable (CSV) file to create your own interactive maps.

The best thing about ZeeMaps is that it can import and convert bulk data into maps within a very short time.

ZeeMaps offers many other features as well that make it such a coveted interactive map-creating tool. Some of these features are as follows:

  • You can create a sales territory or area by creating a pinned circle in an area. It will show you, in a color-coded format, the area you have marked.
  • You can use and save different images to point to a particular location. These images will be the marker icons for the locations.
  • You can geocode an area.
  • You can share the map you have created with others.

So, how can ZeeMaps assist you in your eCommerce or delivery business? It can do so in more ways than one. For example:

  • You can easily create a route, using the map, by importing all your delivery location data from Excel and share the route map with your delivery drivers.
  • You can save the maps you have thus created for later use.
  • You can mark the regions where your drivers frequent to save time and to perform analytics (for example, to see where most of your orders come from).
  • You can assign each delivery driver to a region, thus making it easier to manage your delivery fleet.
  • If you’re a paid user, you can create a traffic map with a real-time overlay of Google traffic information.
  • The tool supports Heat Map, a density visualization technique that shows areas of high and low concentration on a map.

If you’re wondering how to use ZeeMaps, the company shares ZeeMaps tutorial videos on their YouTube channel that are useful, handy, and easy to understand.


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Dispatch It

For small businesses which do not have their own delivery fleets, Dispatch It’s features are pretty simple and straightforward.

You just need to enter your pick-up location, destination, and other details (including the number of orders and the type of vehicle you would need).

You can use the platform on desktops as well as smartphones and it offers various amazing features for managing your deliveries. Some of these features are as follows:

GPS tracking

You can track the drivers in real-time when they’re out on your deliveries. You can also communicate with them and share the tracking information with others.

Receive delivery updates

You’ll receive notifications on the estimated arrival times of orders, making it easier to coordinate with the end customers.

Complete transparency

Once you’re assigned drivers for your order deliveries, you can view everything about the drivers as well as the delivery status.

Add multiple stops

You can add up to five stops within a 35-mile radius of your original pick-up point.

For medium- and large-scale businesses that have their own delivery fleets, Dispatch Connect is a unique tool that combines fleet management software with the on-demand delivery service marketplace.

It’s perfect for medium- or large-scale eCommerce or delivery businesses because you can manage your delivery fleet and opt for delivery drivers from the Dispatch marketplace if required.

The distinctive features of Dispatch Connect are:

  • Customers can directly view their delivery statuses.
  • It offers a route optimizer that allows you to create the most efficient multi-stop route for your delivery drivers.
  • Sharing route updates with your delivery drivers is easy with notes.
  • Drivers can collect proof of delivery from customers.

Hence, Dispatch ensures a seamless scaling of your business from small to medium to large through its multiple products that are compatible with each other.

Pricing Comparison

One of the most important deciding factors when selecting a tool for your business is how much you will need to invest against how much return you’ll get. So, below are the pricing details of the two tools.


There’s a basic free version of ZeeMaps that you can use to try out the tool.

However, for advanced features and for larger businesses, you can opt for the paid versions too. The ZeeMaps pricing tiers are as follows:

  • Professional – $19.95/month or $199.95/year
  • Professional Publisher – $34.95/month or $324.95/year
  • Enterprise – $99.95/month or $999.95/year

For the full list of features that you can get for each price tier, you can visit the ZeeMaps pricing page on the website.

One of the best features of ZeeMaps is that you don’t need to sign up to use the basic free version. Just import your data and start creating your maps.

Dispatch It

To use Dispatch It, the pricing would depend on a number of factors.

For example, the location of the pick-up and delivery, number of deliveries, the type of vehicle you request, and the time of the delivery.

If you’re keen on getting Dispatch Connect, you’ll need to sign up to know the pricing.

For this, you have to provide your personal data along with information like the number of vehicles you own, the number of deliveries you make per day, and your industry.

There’s no transparent information available on the website regarding the pricing of Dispatch It or Dispatch Connect. This is one factor in the face-off between ZeeMaps and Dispatch It in which the former wins hands down.

Customer Reviews Comparison


There are a lot of customer reviews and ratings available on the internet for ZeeMaps. Most of these reviews and ratings are positive.

User satisfaction rates are also high on most review websites. For example, ZeeMaps has an 8.5 rating on Financeonline.com and 93% user satisfaction.

Dispatch It

There are very few reviews and ratings available on the internet for Dispatch It.

Moreover, the few reviews that you do manage to find are on the two extremes of the spectrum. Many drivers working with Dispatch It are not very impressed with the management, while the users have only good things to say about their services.

Hence, as per the reviews, ZeeMaps again beats Dispatch It.

Customer Service Comparison


One of the reasons for the high satisfaction among ZeeMaps users is their customer service and support. Users unanimously report that, even if there are minor glitches here and there while using the app, their customer service is readily available to solve the issues.

To assist users with their queries and problems with the tool, there are also frequently asked questions listed on the website, along with customer support contact information.

Dispatch It

The official website has different forms and contact information listed for Dispatch It drivers and customers. However, there’s not much information available about how good or bad their customer service and support are.

ZeeMaps vs Dispatch It – Which One Should You Choose?

ZeeMaps and Dispatch It serve two different purposes and can be used simultaneously for different functions in your business.

For example, if you own a small eCommerce or delivery business, you can use the free version of ZeeMaps to create a route map for your deliveries and use Dispatch It to get your orders delivered.

However, if you run a medium- or large-scale eCommerce or delivery business, you might consider using Dispatch Connect because it’s a delivery management system that offers multiple features that are essential for your business.

Ultimately, there’s no ZeeMaps vs Dispatch It because the choice would depend on your specific business requirements.

Do you have any questions about ZeeMaps or Dispatch It? Please feel free to leave your comments below.


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