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What Is Routing And Scheduling?

Businesses that regularly send employees out into the field are forced to cover a lot of costs. Travel is expensive. You need to pay for gas and vehicle maintenance, and there’s also the cost of your field employee’s time as they drive from stop to stop. Without an effective routing and scheduling process in place, […]

What is Load Planning?

Every business wants to improve its profit margin. At a high level, there are only two ways to do that: you can increase your revenue, or you can reduce your expenses. Load planning is one of the most effective ways for transportation companies to reduce their expenses. There are many factors you need to consider […]

Why Is Chain-of-Custody Important In Routing?

There is a chain of events in every field operation. This chain might be short and simple, such as transporting an item from one location to another. Or the chain might be more complicated and involve the item changing hands multiple times. Either way, recording the chain-of-custody is extremely important. What Is Chain-of-Custody In Routing? […]

A Quick Look at GPS Tracking and How It Works

Businesses that send employees out into the field must be able to track those employees. Otherwise, you’ll be burdened with a whole host of problems. If a customer wants to check on your ETA, you’d need to distract your field employee with a phone call and then relay their location back to the customer. That’s […]