Why Is Chain-of-Custody Important In Routing?

Why Is Chain-of-Custody Important In Routing?
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There is a chain of events in every field operation. This chain might be short and simple, such as transporting an item from one location to another. Or the chain might be more complicated and involve the item changing hands multiple times. Either way, recording the chain-of-custody is extremely important.

What Is Chain-of-Custody In Routing?

Chain-of-custody in routing refers to the chronological documentation, also known as the paper trail, that records every person who handled an item and every location the item passed through on its way to the final destination.

The Tools You Need To Establish Chain-Of-Custody

To establish chain-of-custody in routing, you need route optimization software with GPS tracking.

Such software allows you to track the location of your field employees in real-time. Also, this tracking data can be recorded. When you’re responsible for the transportation of an item, you might run into a situation in which you need to show where the item was at a particular point in time. Tracking data gives you the documentation you need to do so.

Settle Disputes With Ease

Imagine this scenario: a customer claims that your field employee never arrived at their address to make a scheduled delivery, and they demand a refund. But your field employee tells you that they actually did make the delivery.

What do you do? If you trust the customer, you might give them a refund that they didn’t deserve, and you’ll damage your relationship with your field employee as well. If you trust your field employee, though, you’ll lose a customer that might have had a valid complaint.

Chain-of-custody in routing makes it easy to settle these disputes. A quick look at the tracking data will reveal who is telling the truth and what you need to do.

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Keep Customers In The Loop

Customers like knowing where their order is and how long they should expect to wait before it arrives. If you can provide them with that information, they’ll love you for it. They’ll stick with your service instead of abandoning you for one of your competitors.

That’s another benefit that chain-of-custody in routing provides. With GPS tracking, you can look up the location of your field employee and relay that info to the customer. Some routing programs even have an online portal that gives customers the ability to see where their order is themselves.

In addition to GPS tracking, the route optimization software you use should also have an eSignature feature. This allows your field employees to “lock in” the chain-of-custody in routing by collecting confirmation signatures with their mobile devices. You can never have too much proof that a delivery was made.

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