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fleet telematics

What is Fleet Telematics?

From vehicle scheduling and maintenance to driver tracking and vendor payment, field service managers face more challenges than we think. The good news is technology is transforming business operations, and fleet telematics is at the forefront. Field service businesses are using telematics data to monitor fleet performance and collect real-time information such as vehicle location, […]

Telematics for Electric Vehicles

The country is going crazy about electric vehicles (EVs). Recent reports have confirmed that EVs in the US have entered their fastest phase of growth. As per a report by IHS Markit, EVs’ market share reached record volumes in the US with 208,000 new registrations in 2018. The report also stated that the new registrations […]

Are Telematics Systems Overpromising and Under Delivering?

Since telematics’ inception, it has been changing the face of field service businesses. According to reports, the global vehicle telematics market is projected to reach $231.62 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of more than 24% between 2018 and 2025. Among all the regions, North America holds the highest market share in the global […]

Why You Need Telematics for Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving technology is still being developed, but it has already become an emerging global market. Statista forecasts that the car market for partially autonomous vehicles will be around $36 billion by 2025. Also, as per Brookings Institution, a whopping $80 billion has already been invested into driverless vehicle technology over the past three years. Much of […]

The History of Telematics

The term “telematics” refers to many things in the academic world. However, in everyday conversation, it usually means the combination of telecommunications and information processing. So, for companies with employees out in the field, it’s usually about vehicles sending and receiving information. For example, courier companies use telematics to track their vehicles, while shipping companies […]

A Quick Guide to Telematics

You might be familiar with GPS tracking software: A tool which helps you monitor your vehicles on the road in real time, enabling you to see what your drivers are up to while at work and keeping you on top of your field operations. But, did you also know about telematics: A technology that helps […]