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Rising Road Fatalities and the Role Alcohol Detection Tech Could Play

It was thought that, with people staying mostly indoors due to the coronavirus crisis, there would be a decrease in motor vehicle fatalities. But, surprisingly, US roads have become deadlier during the coronavirus pandemic. The Scary Figures According to a National Safety Council (NSC) report, road traffic fatalities in the United States increased by 23.5% […]

Are You Ready for the CVSA’s Upcoming Safe Driver Week 2020?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) jointly launched the CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week in 2007, with support from industry and transportation safety organizations. The goal of the annual event has been to minimize high-risk driving behaviors, including speeding, through traffic enforcement strategies. The CVSA has now […]

Tips to Keep Your Drivers Safe from COVID-19 Exposure

On 14 April, there were over six hundred thousand cases of COVID-19 in the US and more than 25,000 reported deaths. One of the most advised ways to flatten the curve is to exercise social distancing by staying home. So, groceries are being purchased online, medications are being delivered, and delivery drivers are busier than […]

Winter Driving: Safety Tips for Staying Safe

The increase in online purchases means more parcel deliveries for drivers. Essentially, this translates into long driving hours on busy streets during a time when the weather often turns sour. Winter conditions like cold weather, slippery roads, distracted driving due to heavy traffic, and fatigue due to extended driving hours, worsen driving conditions. As reported […]

How to Reduce Driver Fatigue and Improve Productivity

Faster and more cost-effective routes not only help you save money but also help you prevent driver fatigue. Driver fatigue is a growing problem, and according to reports, almost 91,000 vehicle crashes in 2017 involved a fatigued driver. As a field service manager, it is your responsibility to comply with the hours of service regulations […]

3 Training Tools That Bolster Driver Safety

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, around 88% of vehicle collisions are caused by unsafe actions taken by drivers. Accidents happen, but through proactive training and monitoring, you can significantly lower the odds of them happening. How effective is your training program? Are you taking advantage of all the driver education tools that […]

Ensuring Fleet Safety: Priority Or Necessity?

Fleet safety can’t be ignored if you run a field service business. Every time your field team members climb behind the wheel and get on the road, they put themselves at risk of serious injury. However, your field team members may find it difficult to balance safe driving practices with the expectation of making it […]