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Route4Me Enhances the Route Editor, Routes Map, and Manifest

Route4Me has further improved its route editor and multiple routes map that continue to make your business more efficient.

Featured in this release:


  • View all teams and sub-drivers on a spatially clustered map. This permits you to know where all drivers are at all times, even if they are not currently on a route.
  • The original route sequence is now visible in the route editor and can be toggled in the Map Menu.
  • If you uploaded a file into our system in the past, or used our API to do so, you may have already been using custom fields. Now you can edit the custom fields in the route editor and these changes are sent to all connected users in real-time, including mobile users.
  • Estimated and Projected times of arrival are now displayed as map overlays and as fields inside the routes map and route editor. The overlays update in real-time as check-ins happen in the field.
  • Route addresses can now be marked as departed. In the past, you could only mark an address as being visited. To improve the accuracy of ETA’s for your customers, they update when a departure time has been detected.
  • Adding notes is now possible to a specific address. This means that you can add text content, status updates, images, media, and coordinates to one address.
  • Geotagged notes are now visible on the routes map and route editor. This helps to audit note locations to make sure that field personnel are logging notes at or near the client location.
  • Image attachments are now visible in the route editor as overlays so that you can conveniently view the eSignature or uploaded images in the route editor.
  • Address specific notes are now visible in the route notes section in the route editor.
  • The notes are now visible in the manifest.
  • The number of notes associated with each address in a route are now visible in the manifest.
  • The route manifest automatically reloads when there are modifications to the route.
  • ETA fields and the address Departed status are now visible in the manifest.
  • The ability to reverse a route has been re-added into the route editor.
  • Routes that are being processed as well as recently completed routes are now available as part of the recent notification center located at the top right of the routes map and route editor.
  • A new version of the public route viewer is now available which shows all route address attributes and driving directions on the road.
  • The latitude and longitude GPS coordinates are now visible for each address in the route editor.
  • Adding notes through the route editor and routes map is now possible without leaving the routes map and route editor.
  • Search to see all the routes associated with a user on your team by name, e-mail address, or exact route id
  • To improve efficiency, you can now hover over any route in the routes list and a mini-manifest will open with the route path and addresses in the route.
  • Search in the route editor now searches inside the custom attributes of all the addresses in the route.
  • The ability to mark an address as visited by right clicking on it in the routes map timeline.
  • The ability to modify all address attributes by right clicking on the address in the routes map timeline.
  • The ability to assign an account user directly from the route editor and routes map by clicking the assign user button.
  • The metrics summary table in the routes map and route editor refreshes any time there are route changes made by any member of the team.
  • The metrics summary table in the routes map and route editor now provides estimated fuel utilization for the route.
  • In the route editor and routes map, hovering over any address now outputs all metadata associated with that address.
  • In the route editor and routes map, any addresses that are marked as visited now have a checkbox designation on the map to conveniently mark that they have been visited on the map.
  • The manifest has now been optimized for printing on standard letter size with high resolution maps.
  • In the manifest view, there are now dividers indicating a change-of-day  when a route spans multiple days because the sum of the travel and service time exceeds 24 hours. In future releases, the change-of-day will occur when the total hours exceeds the working day hours in your organization.
  • On the routes map timeline, routes that start and end on multiple days are now easily viewable and a directional arrow indicates where to scroll in order to find routes outside the time window that you are currently viewing.
  • The progress indicator of a route’s completion status is updated in real-time in the routes list and routes map when check-ins occur. All check-ins are now geotagged and timestamped for an additional layer of security.
  • An enhancement to the PHP-SDK has been released.
  • These enhancements are particularly useful for service route planning and fleet route planning companies.