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How Delivery Optimization Software Can Help Increase Your Profits Without Hiring More Drivers

How Delivery Optimization Software Can Help Increase Your Profits Without Hiring More Drivers
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It’s not easy attracting new customers to your business. Word of mouth marketing takes time to spread and using print, radio or television ads to speed up the process is expensive. If you’re lucky, all that effort will pay off and you’ll end up with a few more customers.

But, after all that effort, you might reach a certain point when your staff just can’t handle all the new customers. This is more difficult for small- to medium-sized businesses which often find that they don’t have the money to hire more employees.

This is an especially common problem for courier companies, food delivery services, and other businesses that depend on drivers. This is because hiring drivers puts you on the hook for more than just the additional salaries. You also need to pay extra repair bills, fuel costs, and other expenses. So what’s the solution?

A delivery optimization software is an answer to the payroll problem as it lets you serve more customers without hiring more employees. But, how does it make this possible? Let’s find out below.

Creates Efficient Routes

Well, route optimization software such as Route4Me route planner gives your drivers the most efficient routes in less than a minute. You just need a list of addresses ready, upload it in the system, and you’ll have well-optimized routes. And, when we say well-optimized, we mean the software has taken into account traffic, weather, turn restrictions, construction, and other factors. Anything less than optimal routes will waste a lot of time and gas.

Reduces Mileage

In addition to creating accurate and well-optimized routes, delivery optimization software enable you to adapt to real-life occurrences. So, even after optimizing and assigning your routes, you can modify and update them in the system in cases of emergency or when the plans change.

For example, if a customer needs to change his or her drop-off address, you can adjust it in the software and have your drivers re-sync the data on their end. In this way, your drivers won’t waste fuel and time. Moreover, the software will take care of finding the most efficient routes despite the changes made.

Helps You Plan Recurring Routes

It’s logical to think that growing businesses would need more staff. But, before you post that new hiring ad, you should first use route optimization software to help you.

Using a route planner, you can automatically combine pre-scheduled visits, last-minute customer requests or e-commerce orders, territory-based routing, recurring routes, and more into one easy-to-use delivery route optimization program.

In this way, you can maximize your time and fuel as well as the number of available drivers without cramming. So, you won’t need to hire additional people or buy more vans.

Makes the Most of Your Resources

The route optimization software allows you to visit more customers without needing to rush. Since your drivers already have efficient routes assigned to them, they just need to follow the routes. Turn-by-turn directions are also provided, which can be helpful for new drivers or those who are unfamiliar to certain locations.

So, say you only have a dozen drivers and a few vehicles available. Using routing software, you won’t have to worry about missing appointments. The system can be programmed to fit the addresses you need to visit your available staff and vehicles. In this way, you won’t need to hire additional people or buy more vans.

Simplifies Lead Generation

A routing optimization software will help you win bids too with more informed bids through more data. This is because you can use the delivery optimization software to create mock routes that show you exactly how much it would cost to visit a hypothetical set of addresses.

So, the delivery optimization software will make it easier for you to win bids for new contracts as you can bid low enough to beat your competitors, while still bidding high enough to ensure you turn a decent profit.

Imagine what you can do using a road trip planner. How many drivers and vehicles do you have in your business? Have you tried using a trip planner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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