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Rising Road Fatalities and the Role Alcohol Detection Tech Could Play

It was thought that, with people staying mostly indoors due to the coronavirus crisis, there would be a decrease in motor vehicle fatalities. But, surprisingly, US roads have become deadlier during the coronavirus pandemic. The Scary Figures According to a National Safety Council (NSC) report, road traffic fatalities in the United States increased by 23.5% […]

Why Snow Removal Companies Need Route Planning

Temperatures are falling and snow is accumulating which is making the roads slippery. Just entered into 2020 and parts of America are reeling due to the dangerous winter weather conditions. According to a report, the recent storm has caused a lot of snow to fall throughout the South and Midwest America. The only people happy […]

How Geofencing Makes Construction Sites Safer

If you run a construction business thinking, “My workers are safe,” think again. According to stats released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the construction industry has the highest number of fatal workplace injuries with almost 971 deaths reported in the US in 2017. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) names the “fatal four” […]

US Senate Proposes 65 mph Limit

Considering the increasing speed limits, the U.S. Senate is attempting to control the rising epidemic of traffic fatalities with a new bill, the Cullum Owings Large Truck Safe Operating Speed Act of 2019. This bill will require new commercial trucks in the U.S. which weigh 26,001 pounds or more to be equipped with devices that […]

Heavy Equipment Crashes: Distraction Is One Of The Main Reasons

Heavy machinery plays an important part in many industries, including the construction industry. For example, heavy mobile vehicles and machinery significantly decrease building time by increasing the laborers’ productivity. However, despite the gains in productivity, working around heavy equipment poses an inherent risk. In fact, heavy equipment crashes are among the most frequent causes of […]

3 Training Tools That Bolster Driver Safety

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, around 88% of vehicle collisions are caused by unsafe actions taken by drivers. Accidents happen, but through proactive training and monitoring, you can significantly lower the odds of them happening. How effective is your training program? Are you taking advantage of all the driver education tools that […]

Ensuring Fleet Safety: Priority Or Necessity?

Fleet safety can’t be ignored if you run a field service business. Every time your field team members climb behind the wheel and get on the road, they put themselves at risk of serious injury. However, your field team members may find it difficult to balance safe driving practices with the expectation of making it […]