Dynamic routing

Route4Me Helped Harris County Precinct 2 Get Recognition for Meal Expansion Programs During the Pandemic

Several organizations have reported gaining benefits from using Route4Me’s multi-stop route planner to plan and optimize routes and ensure on-time delivery of the critical supplies to every door during the pandemic. And Harris County Precinct 2 is the new addition to the RouteMe’s long list of happy users. The Texas Association of Counties has named […]

What Does Route Mean?

Route planning can be intimidating, whether you’re just getting started or have been doing it for quite a long time if you do not have a foolproof process in place. How can you ensure your routes are fuel efficient? How can you make sure your drivers get a balanced workload? How can you guarantee on-time […]

Five Don’ts of How to Plan a Driving Route

Poor routes mean poor results. They result in your transportation and overtime expenses going up, customers becoming furious, and your profit margins plummeting. Of course, no one wants to plan inefficient routes. Yet, many logistics companies and field service businesses end up doing so because they follow the same old-school process to plan a driving […]

Finding the Best Directions with Multiple Stops: The Easy Way

Let’s face it, route planning is time-consuming, and finding the best possible route for each driver is indeed hard. On the one hand, the planned routes should ensure minimal transportation costs. On the other hand, your customers should be satisfied with quick and timely deliveries and so you need to address urgent requirements and ensure […]

Benefits of Integrating a Route Optimization API with Your Existing System

Are you afraid that adopting route optimization software will bog your business down with extra staff training and download time? That’s a valid concern, but there’s a way to take advantage of route mapping software without running into those issues. You can integrate a route optimization API with your existing systems. What is Route Optimization? Route optimization is the process of […]