No More Freestyling: Geo-Coordinate Auditing Now Visible for Each Address Check-In and Departure

Part 1: Visually See Arrived and Departed Locations on a Map

Many of our customers have an ongoing problem where a driver claims to have visited an address but has not truly visited it, or did not visit it at the necessary time.

They call this ‘freestyling’ because the driver is not following the route path and sequence and as a result is being highly inefficient, and may be violating time constraints promised to customers.

To help counteract this, every time a driver check-ins (marks as visited) or departs (marks as departed) from a location, the geo-coordinates are captured.


Part 2: Measure Out of Sequence Deviation For Your Drivers

As part of the release to help eliminate freestyling and the immense inefficiencies that it may bring to your operation, new data is now available to all Enterprise customers.

  • When viewing a route, the out of sequence measurement will specify how many stops were visited out of sequence
  • When viewing a driver, the out of sequence measurement will specify the out of sequence deviation for every route assigned to the driver