Activity Feeds Give You Play-By-Play Visibility Into Your Routes

For most of our customers routes aren’t “one and done.”

Even if the sequence of your routes doesn’t change daily, drivers regularly arrive and depart addresses on a route, or add notes.

Inside the route editor, a timeline view is now available which lists every possible event that occurred on the selected route.

Some example events:

  • The driver added a note at 5:14PM for stop #15
  • The driver marked stop #9 as visited
  • The driver marked stop #19 as departed
  • The manager, route planner, or dispatcher added custom data to stop #22
  • The dispatcher removed stop #3 from the route because the customer called and cancelled
  • The manager re-assigned the route to another driver

By having a concise and easy to understand activity log, customers no longer have to guess what happened in the past when the route was being executed.


Released By: Igor, Roman