How Much Money Can You Make On Instacart (2024 Guide)

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Instacart’s platform has nearly 9.6 million users as of 2020. With thousands of new shoppers joining the app daily, the business is expected to grow in the next 10 years.

Along with the increase in shoppers, the demand for shoppers is also expected to increase exponentially. This is an excellent opportunity for a good-paying part-time job.

So, exactly how much money can you make on Instacart? Read on and find out how you can start earning from this incredible side hustle and how much you could earn daily.

How Much Money Do Instacart Shoppers Make?

The amount of money that Instacart shoppers can earn highly depends on the effort they will put into the job. For an 8-hour shift, the average pay is around $88 – $128.

This value can go up to $300, assuming that they work in the top cities, get higher tips, work overtime, and make extra effort for the clients.

The willingness to put in the effort and hard work will easily earn any Instacart shopper hundreds of dollars in just a day or two.

2 Types Of Instacart Shoppers & Their Base Pay

1. In-Store Shoppers

In-store shoppers are basically the employees of Instacart that accept orders in a single store at a time.

They work in scheduled shifts, with up to 29 hours of work time per week, depending on the assigned task and the difficulty of the orders given to them.

2. Full-Service Shoppers

On the other hand, full-service workers are the so-called “freelancers” of Instacart. They only use the platform to connect with the shoppers.

These shoppers have more flexibility with their time and the service they want to offer. However, they must have their own vehicle to register on the platform.

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Average Pay For Instacart Drivers

Per Hour

The pay for Instacart shoppers will vary depending on the region and type of work that they are assigned to. Instacart shoppers earn $11 – $16 in the United States on average.

The pay will depend on location, service region, total work hours, and tips.

Per Trip

Operating expenses are also a factor when calculating pay. If you are a full-service shopper, consider other costs like gas and auto insurance.

Computing the pay per trip depends on the job type and location of the trip. The average pay per trip is $16.06, and it is possible to make more if you put in more hours.

Tip Earnings

Instacart shoppers usually receive tips of about 5 – 20% of the order’s price (although not all customers give tips).

Instacart shoppers also keep the whole tip, so there is no need to worry about the platform taking your hard-earned money.

Common Factors That Affect Instacart Drivers’ Income


The farther and more difficult it is to reach the client’s place, the higher the payment is.

Location dictates the gas and effort the shopper will give, which is why this is one of the significant factors affecting the Instacart driver’s income.

Service Region

Not all businesses have Instacart service available, and not all pay the same, have the same gas rates and give the same tips.

This is a double-edged sword as some regions have better economies and are more generous tippers.

Total Work Hours

The longer you work, the more you’ll receive orders and, possibly, more tips.

Some Instacart shoppers can earn up to $2000 weekly by maxing out the possible work hours, including going out during peak hours.

Per Mile Rate

Similar to the location, the more miles needed to finish the task, the higher the service rate. Some clients give extra tips for the driver’s effort if the grocery is far from the pickup location.

Number Of Items

The more item the client requests, the more effort the Instacart shopper must put into buying and delivering the items. Basically, the more effort you put in, the higher your pay.

The size and type of the item may also affect the net income. The client may pay extra for the service if the item requires a larger car or a cooler.


While not guaranteed, Tips are a significant factor in an Instacart shopper’s income. Customers usually give tips of about 5 – 20% of the total item price.

Tips make the Instacart shopper’s effort worth it and work as a way for the client to stay in touch with the shopper if they like their service.

Peak Boosts

Some days will earn an Instacart shopper more than others. Usually, weekends and holidays are the days where it is reported to have the highest number of orders.

With this knowledge, Instacart shoppers can be more flexible and plan in advance their target income by choosing to work on weekends or holidays.

Top 3 Cities That Pay The Highest

The demand varies in different service regions, and shoppers can also choose where to work. Some cities pay more than others. Their average rate is:

Wage Per Hour
Brooklyn, NY.
Queens, NY.
New York, NY.


Can you make $1000 a week with Instacart?

Yes, you can easily make $1,000 a week on Instacart. Some shoppers even earn $2,000 by maxing out their working hours and taking advantage of peak hours.

How much can you make in 1 day with Instacart?

On average, you can earn $88 – $128 daily, depending on several factors like tips and service location. This value can double easily with tips if you work in the top cities.

Does Instacart pay you if you don’t get any orders?

In-store shoppers receive income on an hourly basis regardless if they get an order, while full-service shoppers don’t get any pay if they don’t get an order.

Key Takeaways

Instacart is a great platform to earn flexibly. The tasks are simple, and the pay increases exponentially with every effort you exert.

Other than allowing you to be flexible with your time, Instacart is also great for those who want to get a job immediately because the requirements are quite simple.

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