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What is Route Optimization?

Some businesses have it easy. Their customers come to their location when they want to buy something. Other businesses, such as courier services and pest control companies, are required to send employees out to meet with their customers. In addition to all of their other expenses, they need to pay for gas and vehicle maintenance. […]

Our Mobile Route Planner Apps Now Support SSO Login

We’ve recently introduced several powerful features in the Route4Me Android route planner app, such as weather map layers, next customer notification, barcode scanner, and offline mode to improve our users’ experience. And we’ve now released another feature that will provide our users with a more hassle-free experience, and this is a “Mobile Free” subscription. This […]

What Is Fleet Management?

If you send employees out to meet with your customers, then fleet management is a crucial aspect of your business. But what is fleet management, exactly? Below, we’ll give you a thorough explanation of this concept, and we’ll also show you how adopting fleet management software will improve your business. Read on if you’d like […]

What Is Route Management?

When we talk about route management, we’re not just referring to getting from point A to point B. It’s about making trips as efficient as possible. With a route management tool, such as routing optimization software, you’ll be able to save time, save gas, and make more money. What Is Route Management? Route management is […]

Why Is Chain-of-Custody Important In Routing?

There is a chain of events in every field operation. This chain might be short and simple, such as transporting an item from one location to another. Or the chain might be more complicated and involve the item changing hands multiple times. Either way, recording the chain-of-custody is extremely important. What Is Chain-of-Custody In Routing? […]