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Why Is Chain-of-Custody Important In Routing?

There is a chain of events in every field operation. This chain might be short and simple, such as transporting an item from one location to another. Or the chain might be more complicated and involve the item changing hands multiple times. Either way, recording the chain-of-custody is extremely important. What Is Chain-of-Custody In Routing? […]

What is SPORH in Routing?

Is your business succeeding? There’s no way to know the answer to that question unless you set goals and measure your progress. Comparing your revenue to your expenses is probably the most important way to evaluate your success as a business, but there are other stats you should be keeping track of as well, such […]

The History of Telematics

The term “telematics” refers to many things in the academic world. However, in everyday conversation, it usually means the combination of telecommunications and information processing. So, for companies with employees out in the field, it’s usually about vehicles sending and receiving information. For example, courier companies use telematics to track their vehicles, while shipping companies […]

The eCommerce Boom Means More Business, More Stress For Couriers

The internet has changed the world in countless ways. With email and social media, no one sends cards or uses the phone book anymore. With smartphones, everyone can keep themselves entertained while waiting in line. It’s easier to find cute cat pictures now, too. Another thing the internet has changed, of course, is how people shop. Instead of making the effort […]

How Last Mile Delivery Optimization Gives Ecommerce Companies An Edge In Meeting Rising Consumer Demands

Last mile delivery has always been a challenge for eCommerce companies. Increased customer demands have made this task even harder in recent years. But if you use advanced last mile delivery optimization tools like route optimization software, it’s not really that hard (that’s what she said). Such software will help you reduce costs and make your last mile deliveries more […]