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Route Planning

Understanding The Four User Stages Of Route4Me’s Vehicle Route Planning Software To Maximize Your Time And Investment

Over a million businesses have started using Route4Me in the last seven years, making it one of the most popular fleet routing programs in the world. The reason for this popularity is simple: Route4Me’s vehicle route planning software is a customer-focused service. Usually it takes a lot of training for employees to get used to such software. The service provider might even need […]

Logistics Fraud Uncovered: Dealing With Upper Management

It isn’t easy to succeed in the logistics industry. There’s a lot of competition. Profit margins are often thin. And what makes it even harder is that employee and management fraud is all too common. For example, in March 2016 a Toys “R” Us logistics manager was arrested for embezzling $1,910,000 over a 35-month period.   Maybe you think that […]