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Is Tracking Employees Ethical during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Tracking employees during the pandemic can infuriate your team. They are already going beyond the norm to make deliveries or show up at the customers’ doors on time, risking their lives in the process. So, scrutinizing their work with employee monitoring software can make them feel that you don’t trust them and don’t value their […]

Top 7 Must-Know Strategies For Reducing Fuel Costs

Gas ain’t cheap. Businesses that send employees out to meet with their customers are very aware of this fact. Every dollar spent on gas is a dollar that could have been used for something else instead. Figuring out how to use less gas allows businesses to increase their profit margins significantly. So, what can you […]

Bad Driving Behavior Will Cost You Thousand$ Every Year

It doesn’t matter whether you run a one-man show or an international chain of stores – the customer is always king. Without them, you wouldn’t have a business. If you need to send employees out to meet with customers, then it’s incredibly important that your drivers show up on time. Keep your customers waiting, and they’ll get […]