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Autonomous Vehicle Deliveries vs. Drone Deliveries

If the idea of getting your online purchase delivered by a drone makes you uneasy, how about a robot greeting at your door that just arrived in a driverless vehicle? Several e-commerce companies and retail giants are running successful tests to prove that drone deliveries and autonomous vehicle deliveries are capable of delivering groceries and […]

The Tools for Tomorrow’s Dispatchers

Want to make your dispatchers happier? Give them route optimization software. It’ll help them avoid mistakes, so your drivers will keep showing up on time and you can maintain a good reputation. Let’s look into how route optimization software helps dispatchers out in a little more detail, shall we? Good Routes Start With Great Dispatching Software Planning […]

Why Being A Route Dispatcher Is Like Being A Movie Director

Everyone has a favorite film. What’s yours? The Godfather? Pulp Fiction? Dumb and Dumber? No matter what it is, all movies have a one thing in common: scenes that unfold effortlessly on camera actually took an enormous amount of time and effort to set up behind the scenes. For example, let’s say your favorite film actually is The Godfather. Imagine the first scene of […]