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Personal Conveyance: What Every Commercial Driver Should Know

Are you struggling to figure out which moves you make qualify as personal conveyance? You’re not alone. Personal conveyance has become a source of confusion for many drivers and field service businesses ever since the implementation of the Hours of Service (HOS) rules and the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandates by the Federal Motor Carrier […]

5 Ways to Stand out and Get Noticed as a Delivery Driver

There’s a pretty good chance that, in this lifetime, we’ll see delivery drones and autonomous trucks delivering packages to customers. However, given the regulatory hurdles, it might take a few more years for self-driving trucks to be available to the masses and so human drivers will continue to deliver packages for some time. Yet, as […]

Best and Worst States to Drive in the US

Beaches in Hawaii are a vacationer’s paradise, but the roads in Hawaii are a driver’s worst nightmare! It’s not just about traffic congestion in Hawaii, but also about the infrastructure, gas prices, and access to vehicles. In addition to Hawaii, Rhode Island, Washington, California, and Colorado are among the worst states to drive in the […]

Bad Driving Behavior Will Cost You Thousand$ Every Year

It doesn’t matter whether you run a one-man show or an international chain of stores – the customer is always king. Without them, you wouldn’t have a business. If you need to send employees out to meet with customers, then it’s incredibly important that your drivers show up on time. Keep your customers waiting, and they’ll get […]

4 Metrics You Can Use To Reward Positive Driving

It’s difficult to make sure your drivers are driving safely. Sure, you’re probably already doing a thing or two to promote positive driving, such as performance coaching, rigorous candidate screening for new hires, improving driver communication, and incorporating a feedback system – but these initiatives just aren’t enough. What you really need to do is start a reward […]