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Best and Worst States to Drive in the US

Beaches in Hawaii are a vacationer’s paradise, but the roads in Hawaii are a driver’s worst nightmare! It’s not just about traffic congestion in Hawaii, but also about the infrastructure, gas prices, and access to vehicles. In addition to Hawaii, Rhode Island, Washington, California, and Colorado are among the worst states to drive in the […]

Defensive Driving 101

It is not easy to be a good driver. Even after driving for years, you might still be unsure whether your behind-the-wheel skills are up to snuff. It is even harder to be a defensive driver! The term distracted driving has been around for years. However, over the last decade, due to the increased use […]

Delivery Route Optimization To Minimize Dangerous Driving

Every field service business shares the same problem. You’re in the office, but your field employees are on the road, so you don’t really know what they’re doing. That’s why you need an advanced software solution like delivery route optimization software. Ideally, your field employees are following the rules of the road and driving defensively. But […]