Company News: Feature Enhancement

Export High Resolution Optimized Route Maps

Route4Me users can now export high resolution maps of a route for printing on a large format printer. The new capability permits users to export routes in Portrait or Landscape format Image resolutions can go up 100 megapixels The exported maps can be printed to sizes of up 40 to 60 inches (101cm x 152cm ) with no […]
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New: Dynamic Route Optimization With Semantic Route Planning (TM) and Predictive Weather Route Optimization (TM)

Route4Me’s Semantic Route Planning(TM) capabilities and Dynamic Route Optimization (TM) software now incorporates Predictive Weather Route Optimization(TM) Route4Me now automatically detects weather conditions on the day and time a route will be executed (run) And, if the route is being run the day after a major snow or rain event, slowdown warnings may still be in effect due […]
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Add Exact Locations To Routes and the Address Book

Route4Me always permitted route planning using exact GPS coordinates during the file upload process or using its API’s However, when exact addresses were added through the web-interface, our system used to find the nearest rooftop and curbside location near the selected location Now, Route4Me users have the option of selecting if they want the system to automatically […]
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Assign Custom Triggers per Stop

Custom triggers can now be assigned to each stop, so that custom workflows can be triggered on a user’s mobile device Examples of custom workflows: Open the esignature screen when the driver entered a Dynamic Geofence (TM) Ask the driver to take a picture when he entered a Dynamic Geofence (TM) Notify a driver with a […]
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Real-Time Dynamic Geofencing Released

Route4Me, Inc. recently announced that it has added an auto check-in feature for drivers to its industry-leading route sequencing and optimization platform. The new feature, which cuts costs, saves time, and boosts employee productivity, uses dynamic geo-fencing to eliminate the need for drivers to check in and out of locations manually. Convenient for all businesses, […]
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Search Enhancement: Addresses and Notes “Glow” During Searching

Finding a specific stop on a route with many locations is time consuming and annoying Route4Me’s new real-time location highlighting features automatically finds and highlights Searches and highlights stops by every attribute, including custom attributes Searches and highlights the point of entry into the geofence and the point of exit out of a geofence Searches and highlights all […]
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