BloomNet Partners with Route4Me to Help Its Florist Members Make Efficient Deliveries

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Leading floral service provider BloomNet® has joined hands with Route4Me to create a dynamic Local Delivery Management (LDM) solution with its proprietary Business Management Systems (BMS).

The BloomNet BMS LDM app makes the retail operations efficient of gourmet shops and retail florists by optimizing and augmenting their delivery capabilities.

How Can the Joint Solution with Route4Me Help Florists?

The app offers real-time data, automatic updates and helps complete more deliveries with fewer drivers. The joint solution with Route4Me aims to help florists deliver orders to their customers quickly and improve customer satisfaction.

“BloomNet is committed to continually researching, developing, and introducing innovative technologies designed to bring selling benefits to our family of florists and gourmet shops,” said Dinesh Popat, President of BloomNet. “Dynamic route optimization through Route4Me provides opportunities to improve order processing speeds as well as fulfillment reliability, and ultimately sets a goal to require fewer drivers, which helps increase profit potential for BloomNet members.”

Delivery drivers receive route information, including real-time driving directions with multi-stop navigation on their smartphones. Users optimize delivery routes even while trips are in progress, and have the ability to track driver progress.

With Route4Me, florists and gourmet shops ensure contactless deliveries. The software enables drivers to capture pictures from their smartphones and upload them to the system as proof of delivery for zero contact experience.

In addition, Route4Me’s route optimizer allows drivers to capture electronic signatures on their smartphones as delivery confirmation.

“We have been impressed with the deep understanding BloomNet has of logistics technology and its ability to comprehensively integrate with our platform to take full advantage of last-mile optimization best practices,” said Dan Khasis, CEO of Route4Me. “They are committed to making every customer experience amazing while meaningfully improving local delivery.”

The state-of-the-art technology also combines with BMS barcode scanning to create and manage trips more efficiently. Florists can also leverage the technology to monitor vehicles in real-time and ensure delivery drivers stay on schedule.

Florist and gourmet retailers using the BloomNet BMS LDM solution reap numerous benefits such as:

  • Faster and accurate order processing
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better tracking capabilities 
  • Fewer customer service inquiries about order status due to the increased viability into the entire delivery process

Try Route4Me route planner to increase delivery efficiency through smarter route planning, with real-time operational visibility.


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