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3 Training Tools That Bolster Driver Safety

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, around 88% of vehicle collisions are caused by unsafe actions taken by drivers. Accidents happen, but through proactive training and monitoring, you can significantly lower the odds of them happening. How effective is your training program? Are you taking advantage of all the driver education tools that […]

Why Overworking Is Detrimental To Productivity

People aren’t machines. When someone works twice as long as they usually do in a day, that doesn’t mean they get twice as much work done. In fact, when someone is overworked, their work starts to suffer. Not only does overwork make an employee less productive – it makes them more likely to make mistakes […]

How GPS Tracking Can Turbocharge Employee Productivity

According to a Cornerstone OnDemand survey, 65% of employees believe that working remotely improves their productivity. Of course, they are a bit biased as they definitely would want to work independently and unsupervised. However, would they be more productive if they knew they were not being watched? Necessary Supervision Although workers might disagree, studies show […]