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cargo theft

Amazon Drivers Part of $10 Million Theft Ring

Amazon might be successfully testing drone deliveries, but the retail giant also needs to work on their current package delivery system. The FBI recently revealed that two Amazon delivery drivers were allegedly involved in a theft ring that has been reselling stolen goods worth almost $10 million on Amazon’s website since 2013. The two drivers […]

Lost Vehicle? GPS Asset Tracking to the Rescue

Vehicle theft is a multi-billion dollar crime in the U.S. According to a report, about $6 billion was lost due to motor vehicle theft in 2017 and one vehicle theft was reported every 40.9 seconds. The alarming fact is that 42% of the stolen vehicles in 2016 were never recovered, according to an FBI report. […]

Reduce Theft, Damage And Expenses This Holiday Season

Every year, like clockwork, customers’ demands and expectations during the holiday season spike up. Your business is expected to make more deliveries or provide more services in less time, always according to schedule. This requires optimized planning and managing – from the reception of the order to package drop off. Considering the importance of customer […]