Driver Ratings by Route4Me Route Planner

What Are Your Customers Thinking?

All successful business owners strive to answer that question. If you could look into your customers’ minds, you would 1) know exactly what they think of your service and 2) know exactly how your employees perform. But how can you get that valuable information? There’s a simple answer for those who do business on the road – Driver Ratings.

Driver Ratings For Your Business

Collect your customer feedback with ease using driver ratings by Route4Me Route Planner. Send your customers branded notifications & alerts, and prompts to let you know about their experience. For them, it’s as simple as sending a smiley face! If they have a little more to say about your business, they can optionally fill out the comment section.

Out of all the best free route planners, Route4Me helps you keep your drivers up to standards and your customers thrilled!