Dynamic Route Optimization for Changing Daily Schedules

What Is Dynamic Route Optimization?

Dynamic route optimization is the most straightforward method to optimize driving routes. Let’s put it this way – You add the stops, and then receive an optimized route on the spot!

This is perfect for those times when you’re scouring the web, desperately trying to figure out how to get the best driving directions from one place to another.

Think for a moment about when you use Google Maps. You have the ability to add up to nine addresses. You sit there, type them in, and then Google creates your route in the order you added them. Now imagine you can click a button that says ‘optimize,’ giving you the best sequence for your route, saving you time, fuel, and money. Well, you don’t have to imagine that anymore!

Route Optimization In Your Hand

Route4Me Route Planner enables you to hit that ‘optimize’ button, get that best sequence, and save that time, fuel, and money! And there’s no limit as to the number of stops you need.

Is it for Everyone?

Yes, next question.

Just kidding, but levity aside, dynamic route optimization works for any person or business, with any delivery or service route, for one vehicle or any size fleet.

Dynamic route planning is perfect for you if you are delivering flowers for a local business, have six deliveries today, and need to get it done with one vehicle.

At the same time, you may own an enterprise business with hundreds of vehicles and thousands of stops. Well, planning routes for that is almost just as easy. Of course, there is the issue of actually adding thousands of addresses to the system, but never fear!

Check out how to create an optimized route with any number of addresses.

The Fun has Just Begun

I bet you thought you’d never get addicted to route planning, huh? Well, I’m sorry to say once you start, you’re probably hooked for life! After you realize what you save just by using standard Dynamic Route Optimization thoughts begin to pop into your head. “Can I avoid bad weather or traffic?” “Do I have ability to scan packages?” “Can I offer my customers ETAs or POD?”

The short answer is…YES!

Route4Me takes care of all your routing woes, even the ones you haven’t thought about. Learn more about how Route4Me can help you right now by visiting the Route4Me marketplace.