Using Delivery Notification Text Messages to Improve Customer Service

Did You Know That Poor Customer Service Costs US Businesses $41 Billion Per Year?

Bad news travels fast. If a customer is disappointed in your business, they might tell their family and friends. Worse yet, they might leave you a negative review online that anyone could read. Just one bad customer experience could lose you hundreds of potential customers. You need to do everything you can to keep your customers happy if you want to succeed. Here’s how you can improve your customer service.

Customers Want To Be In The Loop

A study of online shopping experiences shows that a growing number of consumers want real-time delivery status updates via SMS.

Nearly 40% of consumers in the 18 to 34 demographic desire such updates. That’s not too surprising – millennials are on their phones all the time, of course.

People have busy lives nowadays. They don’t have the time to just sit around and wait for you. If you can give them accurate ETAs and regular updates, they’ll love you for it.

Give Your Customers A Head’s Up

Route planners that have a geofencing feature can be set up so that a text message is automatically sent to the customer when your driver is about to arrive. They’ll appreciate the notice!

What’s Good For The Goose…

Sending notifications to your customers before your driver is about to arrive doesn’t just improve customer satisfaction – it makes your drivers more productive, too.

Think about it: when the customer gets an arrival notification, it gives them a few minutes to get ready for your driver. That means your driver can complete the stop and move on to the next customer as quickly as possible. It’s much easier to stay on schedule this way.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Improved customer satisfaction benefits your business in the following ways:

Repeat customers provide a business with 10 times more revenue than first-time customers

After a positive experience with a company, 69% of people would recommend that company to others

About author: Dominic Walker

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