Traffic And Weather And Construction, Oh My! Avoid These Delays With Route Optimization Software

Traffic Is A Growing Problem

Traffic is worse than it used to be. That’s to be expected. After all, the world population has nearly doubled in the past 50 years. Also, more and more people are moving out of the country and into the city. This is an especially big problem in the US. Studies show that the average American commuter spends over 40 hours a year stuck in traffic. In this eBook, we’ll share how a route optimization software will help you avoid traffic and other conditions.

Avoid Traffic Delays With Route Optimization Software

So, there’s always going to be traffic, and it’s only going to get worse. That’s just something you need to accept.

The question is, what can you do about it? Adopting route planning software will help your drivers make it to all their stops while avoiding traffic as much as possible. That’ll help your drivers show up on time consistently, so you can keep your customers happy.

Weather And Construction Can Slow Your Drivers Down, Too

In addition to helping you avoid traffic jams, final mile delivery software takes other factors into account while planning routes, such as construction and weather.

Accounting for weather doesn’t just make your drivers more efficient – it also protects them from injury, as the US Department of Transportation estimates that bad weather causes over a million accidents every year.

Do You Know What Your Drivers Are Up To?

Optimized routes won’t help your drivers avoid delays if your drivers don’t actually follow the routes you give them.

That’s why your route planner needs to have a GPS tracking feature. With GPS tracking, you can see where your drivers are and how fast they’re going in real-time. Whenever you want, you can confirm that a driver is sticking to their route and staying on schedule.

You can provide tracking info to your customers as well. This allows them to track the progress of their orders in real-time. They’ll love that!


About author: Dominic Walker

Dominic Walker works as a content marketer as part of Route4Me’s worldwide remote workforce. A teacher of over 15 years, Dom knows how to break complex ideas down to the very basics and explain them in a digestible way. He loves answering questions, so if you’re wondering about route optimization, jazz guitar, or how to land a fat bass, Dom is your guy.