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Structuring Your Team of Drivers in Three Easy Steps

What Route Optimization Software Does For Your Business

With route planning software, you can guarantee that every route you give your drivers is 100% accurate and optimized. That makes it easier for your drivers to show up on time, so you’ll be able to keep your customers happy and maintain a good reputation. You’ll save money on gas, too.

More Than Just GPS Tracking and Optimizing Routes

Certain programs, such as Route4Me, also have GPS tracking, advanced analytics, and other features that allow you to really improve productivity. Before we get into those fancy features, let’s take a look at how to set up your team structure in Route4Me, shall we?

Assign Territories And Stops To Your Teams of Drivers

The first step to organizing your team is to assign stops and territories to your drivers. You can create territories by selecting the Draw New Territory button on the right side of the Address Book Map screen. 

Then, type in a name for your territory and select Add. Use the map tools to draw your territory’s borders. To finish making a territory, double-click on the map or connect the border line back to the starting point. Repeat this process for each territory you want to create.

Display or Hide Your Territories

Check or uncheck the corresponding box next to each territory. This is especially useful for when you have overlapping territories. To download a list of all the addresses inside a territory, click on the gear icon next to the territory and select Download TerritoryYou can find the number of addresses in a territory without downloading anything – just roll your cursor over the territory. After you do that, the address count will pop up.

When you create a new stop inside a territory, it will be  automatically assigned to the team that covers that territory. Also, every stop you remove from a territory using the interactive map will be unassigned from that team. For the full version of this topic, download our ebook.



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