How Route Optimization Software Makes Pest Control Businesses More Profitable

Route Optimization Software Is The Key To Making A Pest Control Company Successful

Managing a pest control company isn’t like running a brick-and-mortar store. Instead of having your customers come to you, you need to go out and meet them. To turn a decent profit, you must find a way to cut down on the cost of gas. You’ll also need to make sure your field staff is actually doing what you’re paying them to do. You can do this through utilizing a route optimization software.

Pen And Paper Route Planning Is A Problem

Do you still plan your routes manually?

If so, you should stop immediately. Route planning is complicated. In addition to figuring out which roads your pest control teams must take to reach your customers, you also need to account for traffic, weather, construction, customer availability, and other factors.

That can take hours. Also, there’s no guarantee that the routes you come with are efficient or even accurate.

Save Time

When you have route optimization software, planning routes only takes 30 seconds. All you need to do is plug in the addresses of your customers, and then you’re good to go.

Save Gas

Route planning software allows you to provide your drivers with more efficient routes. Gas is one of your biggest expenses, right?

Well, when you have more efficient routes, your drivers won’t need to use as much gas to complete their routes. You’ll be able to reduce your fuel expenses significantly.

Keep An Eye On Your Drivers

Are your pest control teams following the routes and schedules you give them? Or are they taking breaks and goofing off while they’re on the clock?

You can’t see them, so how do you know? That’s why the route planner you invest in absolutely must have a GPS tracking feature.

GPS tracking shows you where your drivers are and how fast they’re going in real-time. Whenever you want, you can check in on a team and confirm that they’re sticking to your schedule.

About author: Dominic Walker

Dominic Walker works as a content marketer as part of Route4Me’s worldwide remote workforce. A teacher of over 15 years, Dom knows how to break complex ideas down to the very basics and explain them in a digestible way. He loves answering questions, so if you’re wondering about route optimization, jazz guitar, or how to land a fat bass, Dom is your guy.