Personalizing Your Delivery Stops For New Accounts

Designing delivery routes can be difficult. There’s more to to designing routes than just figuring out which roads your driver needs to take to reach your customers. You also need to consider traffic, weather, construction, and other factors. This is so you can provide your driver with an accurate and efficient route. The fact that some customers are only available during certain times of the day makes route planning even more complicated.

Planning delivery routes manually can take a while. This is especially true when you are working with just pen and paper for route scheduling. It’s simply time consuming. If you have multiple drivers, you’ll need to design multiple routes. This can take hours. Every time you add a new account, you’ll need to reassess your routes and find the best way to fit in another stop. When you add a few new accounts, you’ll be forced to start from scratch and spend hours route planning all over again. Is that how you want to spend your time? Of course not.

Adding new accounts to route optimization software is easy. Route optimization software does all the hard work for you. Just plug in a list of your customer addresses and the software generates the most efficient route for visiting those addresses in 30 seconds or less. Later, you can add a new stop to the route and it only takes the software a few seconds to give you an adjusted route that’s still 100% optimized.

As you work with route optimization software, you will find that can manually add an account to your database. You can add a time window to an account. You can also add an account to a route. Once you start using it, it is surprising how easy it is to personalize delivery stops for new accounts.

About author: Dominic Walker

Dominic Walker works as a content marketer as part of Route4Me’s worldwide remote workforce. A teacher of over 15 years, Dom knows how to break complex ideas down to the very basics and explain them in a digestible way. He loves answering questions, so if you’re wondering about route optimization, jazz guitar, or how to land a fat bass, Dom is your guy.