Manual Route Planning Can Be Straight-Up Painful – It’s Time To Switch To Route Mapping Software

Route Mapping Software: Planning Routes Manually Is A Recipe For Disaster

Do you still plan your routes with pen and paper? If so, you need to stop. Go ahead and throw that pen out the window. Ball up your map and toss it in the trash. It’s time to change your planning process and switch to using a route mapping software.

Manual Route Planning Is A Waste Of Time

You see, planning routes manually takes a long time.

There’s more to it than just figuring out which roads your drivers must take to reach your customers. You also need to account for traffic, weather, construction, customer availability, and other factors.

If you have dozens of customers and multiple drivers, this process can take hours. But not if you have a route mapping software.

Route Mapping Software Shaves Hours Down To Seconds

Planning routes with route mapping software is much quicker. All you need to do is plug in the addresses of your customers, and then your route will be ready in 30 seconds or less. Just imagine what you could do with all that extra time…

Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting

Another problem with manual route planning is that the routes you come up with are rarely perfect. Route planning is complicated work. You might make a mistake and accidentally give your drivers an inefficient or (even worse) inaccurate route.

Inefficient routes will delay your drivers. Inaccurate routes will result in your drivers getting lost, which would delay them even further. Your customers won’t like that! We’ll tell you why you should invest in a route mapping software.

Software Allows You To Show Up On Time, Every Time

Route planning software guarantees that every route you give your drivers is the most efficient route possible. Your drivers will have everything they need to show up on time consistently. You’ll be able to keep your customers happy and maintain a good reputation.

Sometimes, An Address Is Not Enough

Some destinations, such as hospitals and universities, have many different entrances.

Check out this post to learn more.

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