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ACORx Pharmacy Helps People Stay on Track with their Prescriptions

ACORx Pharmacy Case Study

The Customer

ACORx pharmacy
The ACORx pharmacy helps people stay on track with their prescriptions with an innovative approach: Medication Adherence Packaging (MAPS). MAPS are pre-organized medications that are home delivered to over 100 patients in Western Pennsylvania daily.


ACORx is managing both the pharmaceutical side of the business and the last mile deliveries. The latter needed optimization in order to reduce expenses and make better use of their existing fleet resources.

Since people’s comfort and lives can depend on when their medication is delivered, the pharmacy’s new solution had to ensure that all packages would be delivered on time.

Moreover, their ideal solution had to be simple to implement, easy to use for their drivers and fleet coordinators, and offer proof of delivery features.


ACORx decided to implement Route4Me’s Route Optimization Software since it checked all the boxes from their must-have features list.

The pharmacy staff used both Route4Me’s mobile apps and the web platform to optimize their last-mile delivery processes.


On account of Route4Me’s user-friendly, intuitive design and close-to-zero learning curve, ACORx’s staff were able to start using Route4Me’s mobile apps and the platform without expensive and time-consuming training.


By using Route4Me’s Route Optimization Software, ACORx improved their last-mile delivery operations in terms of “time and expense savings.” They managed to reduce their operating costs, fuel consumption, and driving hours.

Route4Me’s iOS and Android mobile apps were crucial for ACORx’s goal to switch to a contactless delivery model. The apps helped their drivers better navigate routes, collect digital proof of delivery, and update their progress on the go. Moreover, all collected field data could be instantly synced into the cloud.

Route4Me’s Android and iOS apps allow users to add notes to stops containing delivery or pick-up statuses, text, images, proof of delivery (POD) or proof of service (POS), and more.


Über Route4Me

Route4Me hat weltweit über 35,000 Kunden. Die Route4Me Handy-Apps für Androids- und iPhones wurden seit 2009 mehr als 2 Millionen mal heruntergeladen. Die extrem einfach zu nutzenden Route4Me-Apps erstellen optimierte Routen, synchronisieren Routen auf Mobilgeräten, ermöglichen die Kommunikation mit den Fahrern und Kunden, bieten detaillierte Wegbeschreibungen, Lieferbestätigungen und mehr. Hinter den Kulissen kombiniert die Betriebsoptimierungsplattform von Route4Me leistungsfähige Algorithmen mit Data Science, maschinellem Lernen und Big Data zum Planen, Optimieren und Analysieren von Routen fast aller Größenordnungen in Echtzeit.