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MADA Community Center Helps Disadvantaged Community Members

MADA Community Center Helps Disadvantaged Community Members


The MADA Community Center
The MADA Community Center is a volunteer-based organization that helps disadvantaged community members fulfill their essential needs. They deliver everything from hot meals and food baskets to furniture and clothing items to those in need.


MADA’s new project to help the elderly get their meals home delivered by volunteers during the pandemic faced new challenges: planning routes for available volunteer drivers and properly distributing deliveries amongst them.

MADA had to create the most time-efficient routes to which they needed to assign the right volunteers. While doing so, they also had to take into account how many packages each volunteer car could fit.


They were looking for a solution to allow them to create the most efficient routes for multiple drivers.

Moreover, the Community Center needed the new solution to be easy and intuitive to use so that it could be implemented as fast and as easy as possible.

We needed something relatively easy and intuitive to use, it needed to support route planing [sic] with multiple drivers […]
Route4Me’s proprietary optimization engine allows optimizing hundreds of thousands of addresses into the most time-efficient routes – all while accounting for driver availability and vehicle carrying capacity.

Furthermore, Route4Me has a close-to-zero learning curve, allowing for extremely smooth and fast implementation within any environment.


Route4Me helped MADA create optimally-sized routes for multiple drivers accounting for the number of packages each car could carry.

Address book map and territories – This enabled us to create routes based on specific neighborhoods.
MADA also used Route4Me’s Address Territory Management features with visual tools to assign the right drivers to the right service area, avoiding wasted time while driving from one part of the city to another.


It saved us lots of time in creating the routes, but also saved our volunteers many hours of driving.” […] it gave us accurate and optimized routes which in turn helped us retain our volunteers – knowing that we really care about their time and effort.
Route4Me helped MADA create the most cost and time-efficient routes, which reduced the number of driving hours. Consequently, the volunteer retention rate increased as the volunteers appreciated MADA’s efforts to optimize their routes.

Productivity improved because of how much time was saved using Route4Me to create routes, from 4-5 hours twice a week to 30 minutes twice a week.
Before using Route4Me, MADA’s volunteers spent up to 10 hours a week while planning routes. After they started using the platform, that time was reduced by 90%.


Acerca de Route4Me

Route4Me tiene más de 35,000 clientes en casi todos los continentes. Las aplicaciones móviles para Android y iPhone de Route4Me se han descargado más de 2 millones de veces desde 2009. Extremadamente fáciles de usar, las aplicaciones sincronizan rutas, permiten la comunicación bidireccional con los conductores, ofrecen indicaciones paso a paso, confirmación de entrega y más. Detrás de escena, la plataforma de optimización operativa de Route4Me combina algoritmos de alto rendimiento con ciencia de datos, aprendizaje automático y big data para planificar, optimizar y analizar rutas de casi cualquier tamaño en tiempo real.