How Using A Route Planner Helps Oil, Gas, And Mining Companies Improve Driver Safety

Are You Making The Best Use Of Your Resources?

An Ernst & Young report lists cash optimization as one of the ten top risks facing the oil & gas industry. In any business, you need to spend money to make money. But that adage is especially true for oil & gas companies, as you need to invest in expensive heavy equipment before you can even come close to turning a profit. In this eBook, we’ll discuss how a route planner will help you make the best use of your resources.

How Do You Replace Talent?

An aging workforce is another challenge for oil & gas companies.

According to a recent study by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, in 2019 the industry will need almost 80,000 replacement workers due to retirement. How will you remain productive when you need to replace experienced drivers with green recruits?

A Route Planner Is The Answer

By switching to route planning software, you might not even need to replace retiring workers. That’s how much more efficient this tool can make your business.

Final mile delivery software makes route planning easy. All you need to do is plug in your customers’ addresses, and then the software will automatically sort your stops in the optimal order.

Your drivers will be able to make more stops per route without having to rush to do so. That allows you to get more bang for your buck out of your payroll dollars.

Keep An Eye On Your Drivers

Of course, optimized routes won’t do you much good if your drivers don’t actually follow the routes you give them.

That’s why you must make sure that the route planner you invest in has a GPS tracking feature. With GPS tracking, you can see where your drivers are in real-time. You’ll always know whether your drivers are sticking to their schedule or not.

Improve Driver Safety

GPS tracking also helps you keep your drivers safe. That’s because, in addition to showing you where your drivers are, it also shows you how fast they’re going.

About author: Dominic Walker

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