Switching Over To Route Optimization Software

Planning routes is complicated. In addition to figuring out the best directions to give your drivers, you also need to account for traffic, construction, weather, and other factors. If you have dozens of customers and multiple drivers, that can take hours. Consider route optimization software.

Manual Route Planning Produces Bad Routes, Too

It’d be one thing if planning routes by yourself actually produced good results…

But that’s just not the case. The routes you come up with on your own probably won’t be very efficient or accurate.

There’s A Better Way!

Instead of planning routes manually, you should use route planning software.

With final mile delivery software, it only takes 30 seconds to plan routes. All you need to do is plug in the addresses of your customers, customize the settings to fit your situation, and then you’re good to go.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Route optimization software also allows your drivers to show up on time more often. Your customers will love that!

They’ll love it so much, in fact, that they might even recommend your service to their friends and family.

These personal recommendations are much more persuasive (and more affordable) than print, radio, and television advertising. It’s the absolute most effective way to attract new customers to your business.

It’s Time To Make The Switch

You’re only one piece of software away from being able to save gas, save time, and make more money.

What are you waiting for?

About author: Dominic Walker

Dominic Walker works as a content marketer as part of Route4Me’s worldwide remote workforce. A teacher of over 15 years, Dom knows how to break complex ideas down to the very basics and explain them in a digestible way. He loves answering questions, so if you’re wondering about route optimization, jazz guitar, or how to land a fat bass, Dom is your guy.