Propane Delivery Management Software Will Make Your Company King Of The Hill

Propane Delivery Management Software: The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Would you like to make your employees more productive? Does gaining an advantage over your competitors interest you? How does increasing your profit margin sound? Adopting propane delivery management software will do all three of those things for you.

Pen And Paper Route Planning Is No Good

Planning routes with pen and paper can get quite confusing. In addition to figuring out which roads your drivers need to take to get to your customers, you also need to account for traffic, weather, construction, etc. You just might make a mistake if you try to plan routes by yourself. That’ll delay your drivers and upset your customers.


Show Up On Time, Every Time

But you don’t need to do this by yourself. Route planning software guarantees that every route you give your drivers is 100% accurate and optimized. Your drivers will have everything they need to show up on time, so you can keep your customers happy and maintain a good reputation. That’s what a propane delivery management software does.

Keep A Close Eye On Your Drivers

All workers tend to slack off when they’re unsupervised, and drivers are almost always unsupervised. Your drivers might be taking unsanctioned breaks while they’re on the clock. You can’t see them, so how do you know?

That’s why your propane delivery management software should have a GPS tracking feature. GPS tracking shows you where your drivers are and how fast they’re going in real-time. Whenever you want, you can check in on a driver and confirm that they’re staying on schedule.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Another advantage to GPS tracking is that it lets your customers track the status of their delivery as they wait for it to arrive. They’ll appreciate that.

Geofencing is another feature your route planner should have. You can set up geofencing so that a text message is automatically sent to the customer when your driver is about to arrive. They’ll appreciate that, too.


About author: Dominic Walker

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