Planning Your Routes, Managing Multiple Drivers, and More

Planning Your Route with Route4Me Vs. Free Routing Apps

For businesses that require the services of drivers and fleets of vehicles, route planning programs and GPS tracking devices are essential. This is why Google Maps was such a fad back then. Aside from being free, it is a great navigation tool, especially for those who are not familiar in an area. The thing with many free tools these days is they offer limited access to route customization and optimization, driver navigation, and map settings. If you need a the best multi stop route planner for multiple stops, Route4Me™ would be perfect for you. We give access to a variety of customization options for different user types.

Manage Your Time and Costs More Effectively

Whenever one of your drivers get assigned to a larger area, it would not be efficient to have the same driver travel to another route. That’s why smart route planning is key to efficient and cost-effective deliveries. Here, we can help you save more time and gas through managing your route territories and zones.

We can also show you how one driver can maximize a single route that he is assigned to. Your drivers can navigate within a single area and pass through different stops within your address book. Read on to learn more how you can draw zones and edit our in-app map.

How Route4Me Helps You Manage Routes, Monitor Multiple Drivers, and More

Before we jump into Route4Me’s handy features, we need to understand how route planning is done. Here, we’ll discuss a summary of how planning is done. If you need full Video Tutorials on Route Planning, you may check the videos provided in the link. Later on, we’ll show you how you can set your route planner for multiple stops.

Let’s say you have uploaded the addresses you need to plan the route for in the system. You can take control of the way the routes are optimized through accessing the advanced features. You can manage this on the Settings button.

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