Managing Multiple Subcontractors Without Sacrificing Your Quality Standards

The Problem With Hiring Temporary Workers

Meeting customer demand can be quite the juggling act. Every business wants to expand, but when you expand too quickly, it puts a huge strain on your staff. Hiring more employees would allow you to adjust to a bigger workload. You may be unable to afford adding new members to your staff, though.

One solution is to hire subcontractors or temporary workers. That’ll help you keep up with demand, and it saves you from all the extra taxes and benefits that make hiring full-time employees so expensive. All you need to learn is managing multiple subcontractors effectively.

Temporary Workers: Ending Up Spending More

You also might need to use temporary workers if there are seasons when you’re particularly busy,

Here’s the problem with hiring temporary workers: they know they’re never going to be promoted. They know they’re never going to get a raise. So why should they give you their full effort?

Long-term, full-time employees can climb the ladder and earn the prestige of a higher title (and the higher pay that comes with it) if they work hard. Temporary workers don’t have that incentive. This is what makes managing multiple subcontractors very challenging.

GPS Tracking Makes Managing Multiple Subcontractors Easy

So, subcontractors tend to slack off a bit, because they know they don’t have a future with your company.

This is an especially big problem for courier companies, sales operations, and other businesses that hire temporary drivers.

Drivers are almost always unsupervised. This gives them a lot of opportunity to slack off. While they’re on the clock, they might take an unsanctioned break and stop at a cafe for a bite to eat. They might even stop by a friend’s house to hang out when they should be working. This of course, is bad for your business.



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