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Route4Me Gives Modern Print Media Distribution Company a Technological Leg-Up

Print Media Distribution Company

The Customer

American Newspaper Solutions
ANS, headquartered in Orion, Michigan, is in the business of distributing print media, primarily newspapers, and creating innovative methods of improved delivery, circulation and marketing support, including total market coverage.

Amber Saujon, Marketing Operations Manager for the Wichita, Kansas area, has been using Route4Me for two and a half months, and is thrilled with the ability to obtain immediate route optimization and locate addresses better than anything used before.


With 8 employees on site, the Wichita, Kansas division of American Newspaper Solutions may have up to 400 stops a day, varying daily, with last minute changes constantly occurring. “Old software didn’t work”, says Saujon, referring to GPS software she tried out before finding Route4Me.


Saujon loads addresses and shares the routes–no printing and no wasted paper. “I just send the link to my drivers and it takes less than an hour”.


“I just used Route4Me yesterday”, says Saujon. “A client thought they had 100% saturation, but I knew they didn’t. I brought up the app, to show the area to my client, which proved my point.” Client relations, immediately optimized routes, visual confirmation of new routes, and no printing or paper wasted—all make this Market Operations Manager happy with Route4Me.


Acerca de Route4Me

El planificador de rutas Route4Me tiene más de 35,000 clientes en casi todos los continentes. Las aplicaciones móviles para Android y iPhone de Route4Me se han descargado más de 2 millones de veces desde 2009. Extremadamente fáciles de usar, las aplicaciones sincronizan rutas, permiten la comunicación bidireccional con los conductores, ofrecen indicaciones paso a paso, confirmación de entrega y más. Detrás de escena, la plataforma de optimización operativa de Route4Me combina algoritmos de alto rendimiento con ciencia de datos, aprendizaje automático y big data para planificar, optimizar y analizar rutas de casi cualquier tamaño en tiempo real.