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Pharmaceutical Service Scales Deliveries by 257% with Route4Me

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The Customer

University of Rochester Medical Center Pharmaceutical Delivery Service

Servicing over 33,000 employees, the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) is located in Rochester, New York, and comprises the university’s primary medical, education, research, and patient care facilities.


Delivery Isn’t As Easy As It Seems

URMC is responsible for delivery to 8 major hospitals and the surrounding Rochester, NY, residential region. With such a large service area and critical stop requirements, like time windows, manually planning routes was time-consuming and often resulted in major inefficiencies.

Many Drugs Have an Extremely Short Shelf-Life

Chemotherapy drugs are manufactured in one URMC facility and need to be delivered to other facilities without expiring. Time to expiration quickly becomes enemy #1. If drugs aren’t delivered on-time it creates major issues, going beyond inconvenience, into quality of care and patient outcomes.

The Number of Stops in a Route Matters

URMC found that as the number of stops per route increased, the complexity of the route increased exponentially. Thus, the ability to solve and create efficient routes became harder as the number of stops and stop requirements increased. This led to wasted time required to plan routes that ultimately were not efficient.

“Other” Routing Solutions Couldn’t Handle The Complexity

URMC had tried other route solution providers, from the big name carriers to smaller providers, and found they weren’t able to handle the number of stops or factor in the necessary routing constraints to solve their problems. Route4Me’s partner, Fleetistics, introduced Route4Me to URMC, and URMC hasn’t looked back since.

Route4Me pays for itself every single morning. It’s versatile and so easy to use, plus your support is fantastic!

Merritt Woodward, UofR Mail Services Supervisor


  • Route Optimization
  • Mobile App Dispatch
  • Planned vs. Actual Reporting


350% Reduction in Time Spent Planning Routes

Prior to starting with Route4Me, it took an average of 3 hours per day to plan routes. Now, using Route4Me Route Optimization, URMC can plan all routes in 20 to 30 minutes.

Increasing Patient Outcomes, Care, and Satisfaction

The shelf-life of critical drugs, like those used in chemotherapy, is extremely short. Many drugs require unique care due to temperature degradation and special handling. Using Route4Me, URMC ensures on-time delivery time.

Scaling Growth and Increasing Productivity by 257%

Route4Me enabled URMC to utilize its resources (i.e. staff, vehicles, time, etc) better, and since implementation URMC has added 5 routes to efficiently scale the number of daily deliveries, from 70 to 250+ daily and growing.

At least once a quarter, Verizon & others reach out to me to say “they have routing”… And I’m like “yeah, no, not like Fleetistics & Route4Me you don’t”.


Über Route4Me

Route4Me hat weltweit über 35,000 Kunden. Die Route4Me Handy-Apps für Androids- und iPhones wurden seit 2009 mehr als 2 Millionen mal heruntergeladen. Die extrem einfach zu nutzenden Route4Me-Apps erstellen optimierte Routen, synchronisieren Routen auf Mobilgeräten, ermöglichen die Kommunikation mit den Fahrern und Kunden, bieten detaillierte Wegbeschreibungen, Lieferbestätigungen und mehr. Hinter den Kulissen kombiniert die Betriebsoptimierungsplattform von Route4Me leistungsfähige Algorithmen mit Data Science, maschinellem Lernen und Big Data zum Planen, Optimieren und Analysieren von Routen fast aller Größenordnungen in Echtzeit.