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Best Proof of Delivery (POD) App – How to Find the Right One?

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If you’re still using the traditional paper-based proof of delivery method, it’s time to start using an app.

With the Covid-19 pandemic raging worldwide, contactless has become the new normal. Research shows that technologies that enhance contactless activities are becoming more popular. Simply put, it’s time you invest in an electronic proof of delivery app.

But, there are so many proof of delivery (POD) apps available on the market. How can you choose the best proof of delivery app? What features should you look out for?

Don’t worry. This article serves as an awesome guide for you to make a well-informed decision and choose the right proof of delivery app for your business.

So, let’s jump right to it.

What Functionalities to Look out for in a Proof of Delivery App?

Proof of delivery apps offer an array of features. Below, we list the four most vital features of proof of delivery software that you simply can’t do without.


An eSignature feature is the most important feature of a proof of delivery app. It turns the hosting device (the smartphone or tablet of the driver) into a terminal. So, it allows the end customers to sign electronically on the device, which is then captured and saved as a digital proof of delivery.

Barcode Scanning

A barcode scanning feature can help ensure safe and secure deliveries by scanning the barcode both at the time of pickup and when delivering the item. It can help with order entry and asset management. With this, your warehouse staff as well as your delivery drivers can maintain a record and avoid delivery discrepancies.

Real-Time Tracking

This feature helps you track your delivery drivers while ensuring that the package is delivered at the correct address.

You can track and manage your entire fleet in real-time, without having to call the drivers. This eliminates all the hassle that comes with incorrect drop-offs and fleet mismanagement. Ultimately, the feature can help you save valuable time and money.

Image Capture and Storage

In order to complete the job, your delivery drivers can take a photo of the item and the recipient or location as proof of delivery. This feature is especially useful when the customer isn’t home and has asked for the package to be dropped off at a different location.

This is also one of the most convenient features of proof of delivery apps because it can also serve as an efficient mode of contactless delivery during this pandemic and the post-pandemic situation.

Types of Proof of Delivery Apps

There are numerous different kinds of proof of delivery apps, but they can all mainly be divided into two categories. We discuss these two below.

1. Standalone POD Apps

As the name suggests, these are electronic proof of delivery software that are exclusively designed to facilitate and manage proof of deliveries. They can be installed on different mobile devices and facilitate paperless data capture.

This type also helps to control activities like service calls, deliveries, and collections performed by your employees and gives you more visibility.

However, standalone proof of delivery apps usually have limited features and have to be integrated with other software, such as Google Cloud, for a seamless user experience.

2. Route Optimization Software

Route planner apps are ideally highly recommended to plan optimized and fuel-efficient routes. Thus, the best route planner app for delivery drivers serves more as last-mile delivery management tools that bring all final mile delivery business requirements under one roof, including planning routes with multiple stops, real-time tracking of deliveries, and collecting images and eSignatures to facilitate proof of deliveries.

With the eSignature feature, customers can simply sign on the driver’s smartphone screen with either a stylus pen or their fingers.

Should You Go for a Standalone Proof of Delivery App?

While there are surely a lot of benefits that a standalone proof of delivery app can offer, it also has some deal-breaking drawbacks that can be serious nuisances. These are:

  • These apps only offer proof of delivery features. Meaning, you’ll have to use other software to fulfill your other business requirements.
  • As a direct consequence of using multiple software, you’ll be paying more.
  • Handling delivery information across multiple platforms also increases the risk of creating confusion among delivery drivers and other concerned staff. This might lead to a higher margin of errors.

For example, if you get a call from a customer, asking about his or her package, you would have to track the delivery time through route optimization software, while checking the proof of delivery platform to confirm the order has not yet been delivered. It can create unnecessary delays in locating the order, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

Should You Opt for a Map Route Planner?

The one-stop solution to all the above-mentioned problems is using a map route planner that offers a built-in proof of delivery feature. Such an app can serve as a stellar replacement for standalone proof of delivery apps because it combines other crucial features with the eSignature feature within one app. Thus, it is the best proof of delivery app you can have.

Some of its undeniable benefits are as follows:

  • It is an all-in-one integrated platform that offers several features essential for last-mile delivery businesses, including proof of delivery and route optimization.

  • It lowers the margin for erroneous delivery because all delivery-related information is consolidated on a single platform.
  • It is time-saving, meaning a higher number of deliveries within a single day.
  • It offers real-time final mile delivery tracking; so there’s a smaller chance of delivery discrepancies.
  • With it, you’ll achieve higher standards of customer service.
  • It improves fleet utilization and the management of drivers and deliveries.

Since these tools offer so many valuable features, they are obviously better alternatives to standalone proof of delivery software.

Final Thoughts about Choosing the Best Proof of Delivery App

Just by using a simple proof of delivery app built-in within your route planning software, you can improve on-time delivery and ensure customer satisfaction.

A route planner app would help reduce potential friction between companies and consumers as well as monitor driver accountability. Investing in such a technology solution would ultimately translate to ease of working for your employees and happier customers. So, make the smart choice and see a world of difference.

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