Route Changes Happen More Often Than You Think

Route Changes Happen More Often Than You Think
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Routes change more frequently than most businesses expect.

Let’s say you make 100 stops every week, which is about 400 stops per month, 1,200 stops per quarter. Let’s also say that you gain one customer and lose another one week. That’s the kind of customer turnover most delivery companies deal with, and it doesn’t sound like much, does it?

It might not sound like much when you only look at the 2 route changes per week, but at that rate you have 8 route changes per month and 24 per quarter.

In other words, every quarter you have to completely redo 25% of your routes, and you also have to find a way to integrate those route changes as best you can with the other 75% of your routes. All this planning takes a long, long time, even if you only have to do it every quarter.

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With Route4Me’s routing optimization software, this process is automated, so it won’t really take you any time at all.

That’s not the only advantage that our route scheduling software provides. The problem with manual route planning, other than the enormous amount of time it takes, is that it’s prone to human error.

Even If Your Employees Are Constantly Using Them At Work

When routes are planned manually, you have to ensure that each new planned route is accurate, one by one. Then, you have to make sure your drivers are aware of all these changes. Drivers will have to memorize every new routes, and they’ll also have to figure out to adapt to traffic and construction delays.

There’s a learning curve involved here – some mistakes are sure to be made when route dispatchers and delivery drivers are getting used to new routes. While some mess-ups are inevitable, keep in mind that every mistake you make will delay packages, which will make your customers less satisfied with your service, which in turn will damage your reputation and your earning potential.

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Why waste time and lose money with manual route planning? With our vehicle route planning software, you can plan routes in 30 seconds or less with 100% accuracy. 

Our software is always up to date, so you never need to worry about outdated roads messing up your routes again. You don’t even need to feed in new data – everything updates automatically. 

Other benefits of our fleet route planning software include:

  • No micromanagement required
  • The ability to track your drivers in real-time
  • The ability to plan your routes at the last minute
  • Happier drivers, as it’s easier for them to avoid annoying delays
  • Happier customers, as they get their packages faster

Have any questions about our fleet routing software? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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